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Air Slide Fabric

Detail description

  Air slide fabric is also named as Air slide belt, Air slide cloth, Air slide canvas, Air slide conveyor belt, air slide filter fabric, Fluidization cloth, etc. The most used is 100% polyester material.

  Air sliding fabrics are used for pneumatic conveying of fine dry products such as cement and other raw materials. Air slide fabric is a solid fabric used for air sliding.

  It is suitable for pneumatic transportation of powdery materials such as cement and alumina. It is also suitable for pneumatic conveying devices of other powder and granular materials. An Air slide belt is in the middle of a chute. Powder material will come into the chute above Air slide belt. Material will flow to the chute lower side as pneumatic blower down Airslide belt.The product is spread between the material and the air chamber, the following is the gas chamber, the above is the material, under the action of air pressure through the product, the material fluidized, so as to achieve the purpose of transport.

Our air slide fabric is named as fluidising fabric, Airslide fabric, Air slide cloth, fluidizing fabric, aeration pad, aeration fabric, air permeable fabric, Air slide canvas, Air Slide Belt Fabric, air slide fabrics and Fluidization cloth, Fabrics for Air Slides.

  Depending on the customer`s request, we can offer air slide fabric made of different raw materials, in various grades of airpermeability and thickness, depending on the application.

Specifications: specifications between 10mm to 1600mm can be produced at any time according to user needs; more than 1600mm of special specifications to be agreed in advance.

Material: Polyester

Lenght (m)20-100. Width (m): 0.1-1.6 Thickness: 4-8mm.

Breathability:2m3/m2 min:600pa-1200pa.<3m3/m2 min:<2000pa

Breaking Strength (N/mm):Warp Direction≧ 470N/mm ,Weft Direction≧ 350N/mm .

Operating Temperature (℃): Continuous Operation 220 ,Instant Operation 250 .


Working occasions 

In industry Power 

Stations Filtered dust Flue ash, discharging flue ash Coal dust Building and Construction Cement, furnace dust, gypsum, limestone, finely ground quartz, Calcium hydroxide, lead monoxide, quicklime, acid crystals, Pure clay, phosphates, magnesite concentrate, finely ground fluorid, production of aluminum Chemical Industry Thomas meal (Fertilizer) Rubber compounds, sinter dust, catalysts Sodium sulfate Soap powderISO Certification Polyester canvas air slide fabric manufacturers.

In machinery

Silos / Tanks Discharging systems Warehouse units Mixing equipment Homogenizing systems Chute Bottoms Conveyor systems Ventilator systems Aeration systems Vehicles Silo truck discharging cones Railway wagon discharging cones Vessel aeration & discharging bottoms Container aeration & discharging bottoms Powder Coating Machinery Bottoms for sinter basin.


We produce a variety of thickness of air slide fabric, welcome to consult.

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