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May. 14, 2019

Horizontal Belt Filters are used in applications where washing of the cake is crucial. They are widely used in the production of fine chemicals, the processing of silica and various minerals, flue gas desulfurization, phosphate rock beneficiation, and the processing of pharmaceuticals and pigments.
The horizontal belt filter is used as an extractor of moisture from a slurry. Cake washing is provided by multistage single run or counter current flood washing. The horizontal vacuum belt filter is capable of washing soluble components from the filter cake and reducing residual moisture to very low levels in the dry zone. The continual filtration process includes constant filter cloth washing to provide a clean cloth belt for every filter cycle. With this type of system, the entire process can be observed from feed to discharge. Horizontal belt filters require no tank so the inventory of the slurry is reduced to what is actually being filtered.